Feel Better, Together.

Connect with others on a similar life path through live talks and small group sessions where you leave feeling inspired, supported & connected.

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A science-backed, community-based approach to feeling better that actually works.

Small Groups, Big Impact.


Get inspired with a live talk

Sometimes when we're feeling lonely or disconnected, what we need is a shift in perspective. Hear from real people with lived experience through a short talk that will setup an authentic conversation.


Connect in a small group

After the talk, join a confidential, virtual group where you can share authentically, connect with others and find support.
(And by the way, it's nothing like a boring Zoom meeting!)


Feel better today

Leave each 60-minute session feeling inspired, purposeful and connected.

Real People, Real Talks.

Faithful provides a place where we can share openly, struggle openly, and learn from each other. There are no perfect people here, and that’s just the way we want it!

Toby Slough
Toby's lifelong battle with anxiety and depression fuels him to provide comfort, hope, and healing to others who emotionally suffer.
Andrew Carter
Andrew's testimony of going from prisoner to pastor helps encourage and inspire others to overcome their life obstacles.
Lauren Eberspacher
Lauren Eberspacher is a blogger and author, and her deepest desire is to help other women break the stigma of seeking the world’s perfection.
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Lincoln is a 3x successful founder of Spooky Cool, Kidstrong, and Wild Health. He's an early stage venture investor with a passion for charity, non-profits, and social impact.
"I started this platform to create a safe and welcoming space for people who are seeking meaning, depth, and connection in their lives. Our groups are designed to help you find your tribe and feel heard, seen, and supported on your journey of self-discovery and healing."
Lincoln Brown
CEO & Founder of Faithful Groups | Social Impact Focused Investor
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Bob spent decades as an attorney, trying to figure out how to live a whimsical, impactful life. He gave up his law firm to pursue writing and speaking full time and became a 3x New York Times bestselling author. He's a lover of balloons, cake pops, and helping people pursue their big dreams.
“At Faithful, we believe that healing starts with authentic human connection. That's why we've created a platform where people can come together, share their stories, and support one another in a safe and welcoming environment.”
Bob Goff
3x NYT Best Selling Author| Speaker, Coach & Dreamer
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Brad is a leadership consultant, speaker, founder of BLINC, and author of The Catalyst Leader and H3 Leadership. He writes about leadership, the next generation, creativity, innovation, social media, teamwork, and personal growth.
"Faithful is a space where people can connect, grow, and thrive. Our groups are designed to help you share openly, struggle openly, and find the courage to live your truth."
Brad Lomenick
Founder of BLINC | Author of #H3 Leadership | Advisor to Many

Find Healing Through Connection.

I spend my money on a lot of things, but I would invest every dime in continuing this format of growing.
Gerald, 60
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This platform is great on many levels. Being able to talk with such different people is a great way to learn and grow. I love hearing other peoples’ experiences.
Stacie, 56
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I felt seen when I saw all the emojis come through as I was speaking. It was like a rush of love, a flood of emotions washing over me. So cool.
Jill, 41
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I can talk about anything that’s on my mind with people all over the country. I don’t have to worry about feeling embarrassed or ashamed in front of people who make me feel judged.
Daniella, 38
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Faithful Groups is creating a safe space for people to share without fear of rejection, and just to connect with people.
Richard, 49
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80% less than counseling

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A unique, faith-led approach to healing that works

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Attend unlimited sessions instead vs. one session per week

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Achieve similar benefits at an affordable price

Rules of the Road

We believe that this confidential, judgment-free space will be a source of hope and care for our community. To create this space, we ask our members to agree to:
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Make this a welcoming and respectful space for all

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Maintain a confidential, judgment-free zone

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Stay in the here and now. Having your cameras on helps us all feel connected